Veneered MDF Wardrobe – Use exotic wood at a great price

Veneered MDF Wardrobe – Use exotic wood at a great price


For those people who would love to obtain a high functional and well designed wardrobe which features exotic wood, then a veneered MDF wardrobe may be just the solution for you. Let’s explore this option further.

A veneered MDF wardrobe is produced from medium density fibreboard. This material is made by pressing together particles of wood with a binder and wax. The process creates a panel which is very flat, stable and suitable for a wide variety of applications. This material also costs less than solid wood so it is a terrific alternative for a cost effective wardrobe.

Since the resulting product is so dimensionally stable and flat it is ideal for applying exotic wood veneers to the outside of the material to greatly enhance the look and beauty of the product. This type of product is used very effectively in producing gorgeous wardrobe units which look just like they should cost much more than what they actually do.

This is because the exotic veneers are very thin pieces of wood which are bonded to the MDF. The resulting product looks terrific but actually costs less than a solid wood alternative.

A great way to find contractors and manufacturers who can produce and install these kinds of wardrobes is to an Internet search on the topic. You will find many such companies who can design, manufacture and install such an item.

If you peruse the websites for these companies, you will most likely find many examples of what can be done using this kind of material. The variety is very extensive and it provides for an incredibly rich result. But the pricing can be much less than what you might otherwise expect.

Be sure to check out the examples of products they have completed. Since many of them are customized, it is important to find a supplier who is able to design a good solution for your room and available space.

And keep in mind that since a veneered MDF wardrobe only has a thin layer of exotic wood on the surface, it is very important to take great care in maintaining this product. If you get a scratch and think you can sand it out, you may end up getting down to the underlying substrate. This is a very undesirable result so be careful.

It is therefore very important that the product is carefully installed and maintained so that this type of damage is held to a minimum. If you do so, then you should find these products to exhibit great serviceability and functionality.

But if your home has young children who may be in close contact to this wardrobe, it may not be the best option to consider.  There are other materials which can stand up to wear and tear better than this kind of exotic wood veneered MDF wardrobe.

In determining options, you should definitely check out some examples of veneered MDF wardrobes. Many of the websites which offer these products typically show many examples of the kinds of things which can be done with this material.

If you check out forums dedicated to these application, you may find postings from other members concerning their experiences with these types of products. This can help you to better understand what can and cannot be done in these materials. This can help avoid time, trouble and money by expecting results which are simply not possible or realistic.

But for many applications, the use of veneered MDF wardrobes are a wonderful way to obtain a wardrobe which has the look and feel of gorgeous and exotic woods at a price which will make you smile. Check out some of the options and then see for yourself.

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