The Front Door – Many Options Available

The Front Door – Many Options Available


The front door of a home or business plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of the structure. A well designed and constructed front door can greatly enhance your home or business. A front door can be constructed from a wide variety of materials and incorporate many design elements. Let’s explore some of these options further.

Probably one of the most common types of front door is a solid wood construction. The door can be fabricated from a piece of solid wood like oak, mahogany, maple or pine. This type of door can be produced in many sizes and include other features like windows or trim pieces.


For example a solid wood door can have one of more pieces of glass incorporated into the structure to allow the occupant to see who is outside of the door. This not only lets in light to brighten the house but it also provides for some security by allowing the homeowner to see who is at the front without having to open it.


This is probably one of the most common types of enhancements to a solid wood door. Another thing which can add to the beauty and functionality of a solid wood door are trim pieces. These can be items like handles, hinges or accessory items fabricated from metal or other materials.


The use of these accessory items can greatly enhance the look and functionality of the door. It can significantly change how the door appears even though it may be made from the same material.


Another type of front door may be fabricated from glass. This type of door may have a framework of wood or metal which surrounds one or more pieces of glass. This type of front door can be very beautiful as the glass can come in a wide variety of colors or styles.


A common type of glass door has glass panes which are either frosted to provide privacy or etched with an interesting design. This also tends to provide privacy as it is difficult to see though the etched design. However it can also provide a great deal of beauty and elegance to the door.


Sometimes the door is produced with a plan glass panel. The homeowner has the option to have the panel etched with a unique design. This provides for a great of variety and flexibility.


And a third type of front door is produced from metal. In most cases the door is made from a wood or foam core which is covered by a metal skin. This provides for a secure and solid material without all the weight of a solid metal door. It can provide a good degree of fire protection since the metal can help to minimize the risk of the door catching on fire.


There are many retailers who carry standardized models of front doors. If you visit a home improvement store, you can view first hand many different types of doors. Or you can visit a specialty door establishment.  This type of retailer may be able to develop a customized solution for you in a front door. This will allow you to have a unique look to your home or business.


You can easily find these kinds of stores and retailers by searching through a local directly like the Yellow Pages. Or you can search through online retailers on the Internet. Many of these stores carry an extensive array of product so you can look through and evaluate many options to find the perfect front door. They can ship directly to your home and may even be able to provide a qualified installer to make certain your new front door fits and operates perfectly.

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