Oaks Stairs – Style and Beauty

Oak Staircases


Oak stairs look beautiful in a two storey or a higher house. These not just add elegance to the home but also blend well with most of the themes.


Why Oak?


Oak is a clean light looking wood that is capable of holding up to a lot of abuse, which makes it an ideal choice for furniture, accessories, and cabinets. Moreover, it holds the shape and colour really well. Oak has minimal knots and imperfections, thus is perfect for staircases.


When stained and vanished in a darker shade, the richness of oak comes out beautifully. Thus, we recommend you to have oak stairs in a darker colour, if it blends with the room.


Oak Staircases


It takes articulate craftsmanship and experience to build great looking oak stairs. At Wood Production Ltd., we master the art of creating beautiful and flawless oak staircases for houses, hotels and offices or another space.


We offer a full selection of oak staircases ranging from the closed ones to bespoke open plan and cut string stairs. Crafted to the highest standards, the oak wood staircases will transform your home.


When you are looking for beautiful custom oak stairs for your house, get in touch with Wood Production Ltd.

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