Joinery in Stairs – Creates a Masterpiece

Joinery in Stairs – Creates a Masterpiece


Joinery in stars is an integral way to create stairs which fit together perfectly and look great. Let’s explore some of the components of stairs and how they fit together to create a perfect look.


There are a number of important elements to stairs. The spindles are the vertical pieces which help to form the support for the railing or balustrade. Stair spindles are made from many kinds of wood, metal or even plastic. But it is usually wooden spindles which provide the greatest amount of design features and beauty.

These spindles can be produced from many kinds of hardwood or softwood. And the style of the spindles can vary a great deal as well.  To get an idea of the variety and style of spindles, check out a joinery shop for more details.


Many of these companies have useful websites with lots of pictures and details. You can see different kinds of spindles in all kinds of styles, colors and materials. This is useful first step in deciding where to move on to next.


The spindles fit are joined to the stair treads usually through holes. They need to be attached securely so the use of glue or other fastening techniques are employed. It is very important to locate the mounting locations of the spindles in the stair treads very carefully so the pattern is even and attractive.


Many stair systems are designed such that the stair frame properly locates the treads or panels. These pieces have the mounting locations already provided in them so that the spindles can be accurately located and securely mounted.


Just make certain that the stair tread mounting areas are compatible with the spindles you choose. If you work with a qualified joinery, they will certainly double check this with you as well.


And the stair balustrade or railing ties the stair system together. The stair spindles fit into the underside of the railing to form an effective barrier and structure. The ends of the railing normally attach to the wall for important structural integrity.


This is a very wide variety of railings or balustrades available. They can be produced from many kinds of woods in a broad array of colors and styles. It is a good idea to browse ideas at a local joinery shop or through extensive online resources. This will provide you with many options for consideration.


An important element is how it all is put together. Joinery provides important structural integrity to the stair system so the choice of stair elements and how they mount to each other and interfacing areas of your home or business are critical.


This is not normally a job for the amateur although there are kits available which are designed to work well with each other. However for a customized look, the use of a highly trained and qualified professional is strongly recommended.


But do use the many resources of the Internet to give you a much better idea of the components which can be used and how they can interface together. In this way you’ll have a much better idea of what can be done and what the approximate costs could be expected to run.


These websites have many informative articles for reference. You can learn about different styles available and how they can be assembled and constructed for maximum results. You may find a special kind of stairway system which can be used in your home you hadn’t been aware of previously. So do check into these resources and make the best use of available systems and options.


In this way you can end up with a stairway which is well constructed and which has extensive functionality and beauty.

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