Hardwood Windows

Hardwood Windows – Beauty, Elegance and Practicality


Hardwood windows add elegance and charm to a home. At Wood Production Ltd., we merge the quality of the window and our design expertise to create exceptionally great windows that offer ease of use, protection, and energy efficiency.


Hardwood windows are always in vogue. They are made by creating wooden sills & window components from hardwood. The wood in itself is attractive, when intricately crafted attains a rich look. Each window that we make at Wood Production is unique in terms of style and elegance. Moreover, we provide a host of options to stain and varnish the wood in different colours.


Depending on the colour that home owners choose, we can bring out the rich hues & textures of the natural wood. Best of techniques are used to keep the wood sealed & protected for a longer time. Thus, it's not just the natural beauty of the wood that comes out; the window requires minimal upkeep and maintenance too.


The hardwood windows are also used as frames for double glazed windows, as these provide great protection and energy efficiency. Many of the windows that we offer feature an enhanced gasketing system, which is reliable & effective. They keep the dirt & contaminants out while letting only warm and fresh air in.


Whatever size specifications you have, Wood Production Ltd. ensures to match all your requirements without compromising on the quality or the looks. If you are looking for customized hardwood windows, we promise to offer you the best deal.

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