Made to Measure Wardrobe – Some Suggestions

A made to measure wardrobe is a wonderful addition to your home because it can be designed to fit in unusual locations and maximize the usefulness of this type of furniture. Let’s explore this further and better understand how this can be accomplished.

First of all we should define what is a wardrobe . This is a type of furniture which can be customized and installed in a particular area of  a room. A wardrobe is designed to hold clothing and many other items. Because it generally has sliding or closing doors, these items can be hidden from view.

A made to order wardrobe is a custom piece of bespoke furniture and is designed for a specific area of your home. As opposed to a free standing piece of furniture, the made to order wardrobe is designed to be installed securely in a particular area.

For example it can be designed and built for an unusually spaced wall. This could include corners or walls which do not run level or straight. In any case the great thing about a made to order wardrobe is that it can greatly enhance the look of a room by providing useful storage space without taking up a great deal of room.

This is because it can be designed to utilize the maximum space available in the room even though much of the area used might be difficult use properly. If you decide to use a made to order wardrobe, it is very important to find contractors or manufacturers who have experience with these kinds of wardrobes. It may take a fair amount of experience and creativity to determine how to best use a custom designed wardrobe.

And keep in mind that this type of wardrobe can be very flexible in terms of the look of this product. This is because it can be produced in many different materials.  In addition if it is made out of wood, the finish can be stained or varnished for a much different end result.

If you are considering the use of a made to order wardrobe you should seek out companies who have a proven level of experience and expertise in this field. If you do an Internet search, you should have no trouble finding companies for consideration.

It is recommended that you visit their website and look for pictures of other customized applications. These pictures and description should provide you with a good deal of helpful information concerning the options which are possible and their net results. If possible it would be very helpful to investigate the reputation of the company and look for recommendations and testimonials from previous customers.

A number of the websites do post this information. You can also find a good deal of this information by scanning the forums related to these topics. If you read many of the posts, you will find that there is typically a great deal of information concerning different companies to use and why.

Because a made to measure wardrobe is typically more expensive than a standard free standing version, it is very important to end up with an item which totally fits your needs and which makes the best use of the available space in your room.

Therefore look for companies who have proven experience and expertise in utilizing made to measure wardrobes. There is a great deal of helpful information available. So if you investigate the options carefully, you should have no trouble finding someone who can really help to enhance the beauty, elegance and functionality of your bedroom through the application of a made to measure wardrobe unit.

Veneered MDF Wardrobe – Use exotic wood at a great price

For those people who would love to obtain a high functional and well designed wardrobe which features exotic wood, then a veneered MDF wardrobe may be just the solution for you. Let’s explore this option further.

A veneered MDF wardrobe is produced from medium density fibreboard. This material is made by pressing together particles of wood with a binder and wax. The process creates a panel which is very flat, stable and suitable for a wide variety of applications. This material also costs less than solid wood so it is a terrific alternative for a cost effective wardrobe.

Since the resulting product is so dimensionally stable and flat it is ideal for applying exotic wood veneers to the outside of the material to greatly enhance the look and beauty of the product. This type of product is used very effectively in producing gorgeous wardrobe units which look just like they should cost much more than what they actually do.

This is because the exotic veneers are very thin pieces of wood which are bonded to the MDF. The resulting product looks terrific but actually costs less than a solid wood alternative.

A great way to find contractors and manufacturers who can produce and install these kinds of wardrobes is to an Internet search on the topic. You will find many such companies who can design, manufacture and install such an item.

If you peruse the websites for these companies, you will most likely find many examples of what can be done using this kind of material. The variety is very extensive and it provides for an incredibly rich result. But the pricing can be much less than what you might otherwise expect.

Be sure to check out the examples of products they have completed. Since many of them are customized, it is important to find a supplier who is able to design a good solution for your room and available space.

And keep in mind that since a veneered MDF wardrobe only has a thin layer of exotic wood on the surface, it is very important to take great care in maintaining this product. If you get a scratch and think you can sand it out, you may end up getting down to the underlying substrate. This is a very undesirable result so be careful.

It is therefore very important that the product is carefully installed and maintained so that this type of damage is held to a minimum. If you do so, then you should find these products to exhibit great serviceability and functionality.

But if your home has young children who may be in close contact to this wardrobe, it may not be the best option to consider.  There are other materials which can stand up to wear and tear better than this kind of exotic wood veneered MDF wardrobe.

In determining options, you should definitely check out some examples of veneered MDF wardrobes. Many of the websites which offer these products typically show many examples of the kinds of things which can be done with this material.

If you check out forums dedicated to these application, you may find postings from other members concerning their experiences with these types of products. This can help you to better understand what can and cannot be done in these materials. This can help avoid time, trouble and money by expecting results which are simply not possible or realistic.

But for many applications, the use of veneered MDF wardrobes are a wonderful way to obtain a wardrobe which has the look and feel of gorgeous and exotic woods at a price which will make you smile. Check out some of the options and then see for yourself.

Veneered MDF Wardrobe – Use exotic wood at a great price

Mouldings are an important accent piece which can add a great deal of elegance and beauty to any room. Let’s explore a little more about these items and discuss how and where they can be used.

Mouldings are a type of trim piece which can be fitted to many areas of the room. They can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials including wood, metal or plastic. They can provide protection to the walls from impacts from furniture. But probably the most important benefit is the beauty they can bring to a room. Proper use of these materials can be very striking indeed.

In the case of wood mouldings, they are usually formed from laminated or solid pieces of wood. This wood can be from many kinds of trees including hardwoods, pine or others. The wood is usually prepared as a block and then run through a milling machine which cuts an interesting profile into the face of the extended block.

Other areas of the piece may be formed to a specific shape or size. That being said mouldings come in all kinds of sizes and types. A very common type of moulding is the base moulding. This is attached to the bottom of the wall and forms an effective interface between the floor and the wall.

The size and styles can vary greatly. A low cost and common type is made from pieces of pine which are fitted together to form longer pieces. They provide a low cost way of enhancing the room. However since they are spliced together there is usually a good amount of difference in color and texture.  So the mouldings are normally designed to be painted and not stained and varnished.

But there are many other kinds which are produced from hardwoods. They can certainly be stained and varnished which brings out the natural beauty of the wood. They can be used as base mouldings but they also make great use of their beauty in other areas of the room.Use them to dress up your room and bring impact and protection to many areas of your home.

For example they can be used as cove mouldings or ceiling mouldings. They can really dress up a room and bring a great deal of customization and interest to any area of the house.

As indicated earlier, the use of mouldings is also a great way to help protect the wall from scuffing and other damage. If an item bumps into the wooden moulding, it usually will not damage anything. So it can be used extensively around the room for this purpose.

Since there is such a wide variety of moulding types and materials available, it is a good idea to get out to a local retailer to see the many kinds available. You can typically see different colors and finished as well. Be sure to work with a qualified sales professional who can assist you as well.

If you have gotten an idea of what you are looking for, it is also a good idea to check out some online options. Many kinds of moulding can now be effectively shipped almost anywhere and prices are very competitive.

These online stores also have an extensive customer service department who can help you with many questions and guide you to the best products for your needs. They may also be able to recommend installers who are properly trained to work with these mouldings and install them properly to achieve optimum results.

Either way the use of these materials and design enhancements will bring a great deal of beauty and elegance to your home. 

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